Thanksgiving fashion can be both comfortable, chic
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Lauren Padilla: Thanksgiving fashion can be both comfortable, chic

When I picture Thanksgiving, I immediately visualize food and family. Fashion does not come to mind. That’s because in terms of style, Thanksgiving is one of the year’s worst holidays. Really, think about it. What comes to mind when you hear Thanksgiving fashion? Personally, I picture awful seasonal sweaters and football jerseys. My question is: why? Why is it that Thanksgiving fashion is so horrendous?

Many people like to argue that because Thanksgiving celebrations only involve family members, there is no need to “dress up”. Personally, however, I think the “only family” excuse is completely invalid. For many Americans, Thanksgiving provides a rare opportunity to visit with extended family. If you only see your aunts and uncles once a year, do you really want to greet them in a pair of ratty jeans and a team jersey? For their sake, I really hope not. Yes, theoretically, your family should be able to overlook your neon orange turkey sweater and Pilgrim-patterned leggings. But, by choosing something a bit more sophisticated, you’ll make their lives much easier.


Another common justification of sub-par Thanksgiving fashion is that food, in some way or another, hinders one’s ability to look chic. Many people like to claim that they will ruin their nice clothes if they wear them for Thanksgiving dinner. Whenever I hear this excuse, I cannot help but laugh. Yes, Thanksgiving involves a good deal of eating. Nevertheless, the presence of food does not mean stains are inevitable. Small bites and a napkin placed on your lap can serve as preventative measures. Even if you’re particularly spill-prone, there are still options. Avoid dry-clean only fabrics (satins, silks, etc.) and look for pieces in dark colors (black, navy, burgundy etc.).

Some people like to argue that wearing “nice clothes” interferes with their ability to be comfortable. I do agree that unless your meal involves only a piece of squash and a glass of Pellegrino, Thanksgiving is not the best time to test out a crop top or a cinch-waisted dress. Nonetheless, I also believe that it is possible be simultaneously chic and relaxed. An oversized cardigan, loose blouse, and slacks can be just as comfortable as a large football jersey and a pair of sweatpants…only the former ensemble is infinitely more chic.

Thanksgiving is certainly not the year’s most fashionable occasion. Yet, just because the holiday may not provide the ideal conditions for stilettos and silk evening wear does not mean that one shouldn’t look presentable. Thankfully, there are garments that allow for both comfort and style. Wear them.

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