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Because, the procession through forty years old can be easily disrupted ?the chariots and the idols cab be broken. The bell that is like a signal of sacredness sent out by Javed Hindu neighbor cab be easily made perform by the meat and bones the own by Javed into his backyard. The poojari singing the bell loses his life to a knife wound. Smita offers the water vessel for the Gods to Javed ?challenging her mother contention (and this when she is an christian louboutin flats obedient daughter) that outsides contaminate the purity of the water used for such a holy purpose. And of course Bobby is daring move at the end when he picks up the Hindu idol to prove. Yours God! My flesh is holding does not mind. He does not burn me to the ashes! He does christian louboutin slingback heels not cry out from the heavens saying. He was been contaminated. (p. 399) A little later, he continues? I hold him who is sacred to them, but I do not commit sacrilege (to Aruna) you can bathe him day and night, you can splash holy waters on Him but you can not remove my touch from his form. You can not remove my smell with fragrant flowers because it belongs to a human being who believes, and tolerates, and respects what other human beings believe. That is the strongest fragrance in the world. (p. 400) One of the most surviving way in which Dattani subverts the kind of rustic elements that are used by a body/an organization to garner legitimacy as well as to built loyalties is the way he contests the commemoration of Independence day. Dattani choruses the path of demy deification and so Daksha wants with cold and devastating clarity in her dairy. May be I should talk about more important things. Like last year in August a most terrible thing happened to our country. We ?(trying hard to read her hand writing) ?gained independence. You should have seen it. Everyone was awake wanting for midnight ?like children on the last day of school, wanting for the last bell of the last class before vacation. And then rushing out and screaming and shouting and fighting? (p. 323) Not only this Daksha consider it most terrible thing. Through Javed long narrative. Dattani carefully details the haws and whys of recruitment into a movement that sought to vanquish the Hindu night, by erasing? Its symbolic devices of power. Most political organizations indulge in the common practice of a ritual evocation of an emotional response within its initiates, to socialize them to the values and expectations that constitute the culture of organization. When Bobby tells Javed that it was only too evident to anyone that the people whom Javed had joined forces with were hired hood lumps. Javed unravels the process that snared him and blinded him to this fact. He says : t is so clear, isn it? Anyone sitting at home, sipping tea and reading the newspapers, a minority would never start a riot, we are too afraid, that it had to be politically motivated. Try telling it to a thousand devotees swayed by their own religious forever. United of their fantasies of persecution, constantly reassuring themselves that this is their land by taking out procession (looking at Bobby). Anyone could tell not what he has his delusion as well. Delusions of velour and heroism. Of finding, a cause to give purpose to his existence he time has come?somebody would say his is jehad ?the holy war! It is written! es! I would say am ready. I am prepared? (p. 375) He speaks about his sense of belonging induced by the corentry liquor he consumes with his comrades and about how after sunset. Javed experience is not exceptional as n the vans I was with several other youths like me? (p. cheap christian louboutin outlet 376) It is this collective experience in fact, this bonding with the other youth who have undergone the same process of initiation as himself that keeps Javed attached to his group. Ritual far from always creating solidarity by reinforcing shared values, often produces solidarity in the absence of any commonality of beliefs. The provocative speeches that Javed, like his fellow recruits, is privy to, serve precisely this purpose of legitimizing the conceptual principals of the organization through its emotional impact. Javed ?It was different when I used to attend their meetings. I was swayed by what now appears to me as cheep sentiment. They always talked about motherland and fighting to save our faith and how we should get four of theirs for everyone of ours. (p. 374) By showing how Javed, the rebel-fanatic is created, Dattani unpeels the manipulative power of ritual activities that engineer such constructions. Dattani also emphasizes that ritual binds people together, often by common action rather than common thought. Javed : I felt a stone in my hand. Bobby : They were giving him stones! Javed : I hit them hard with stones! Bobby : I couldn stop him! No one could. More people joined in throwing stones. Javed : And then I felt something else in my hand. Bobby : Oh no! He couldn. Javed : I had power. (p. 377) To retrace this arguments. Dattani asserts that while rituals can engender solidity, they can also be a handicap if an individual wishes to break free. In an almost poetic-turn of phrase. Javed describes this phenomenon. I had permission to do exactly what I had been asked not to do all my life! Raise my voice in protest. To shout and scream in protest, to shout and scream like a child on the giant wheel in a carnival. The first screams are of pleasure of sensing an unusual freedom. And then ?it becomes nightmarish as your world is way below you and you are moving away from it ?and suddenly you come crashing down and you want to get off. But you can. you don want it anymore. It is the same feeling repeated over and over again. You screen with pain and horror but there own cycles of joy and terror. The feelings come faster and faster till they confuse you with the blur created by their speed. You get nauseres and you cry to yourself hy am I here? What am I doing here? The joy ride gets over and you get off. And you are never sure again. [Pause] It is a terrible feeling being disillusioned. [Pause] Don we all have anger and frustration? Am I so unique? Now that I am alone, I hate myself. (p. 374) When Javed finds the knife thrust into his hand during the rath yatra procession. Thrust with murderous intent, he experiences that errible feeling?he has described. And he backs off got nauseous and cried. hy am I here? What am I doing here? GET ME OFF! WANT TO GET OFF! I was so close to him I could ?I could have. I could? I let go of the knife. (The Mob/Chorus stops humming). The knife fell to the ground. The joy ride was over. (Pause) I couldn hear noises anymore. I watched men fighting, distorted faces not making a round. And I watched someone pickup the knife and piece the poojari.